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If you are looking to buy a property in Muskoka (or sell), the first step will be to determine your wants, needs and desires to help find your perfect property.  In trying to help siphon through the hundreds of listings across the region if you could take 5 minutes and complete the short information sheet below, it will become the working template for me to help find you the ideal property.  If you are selling a property, by completing the same form (with your property details) will help me in setting a fair market price.  The information provided will not be shared with anyone other than myself (or associates) for the express purpose of helping you with your property acquisition or disposal.  This form does not imply any obligations or commitment between us, it only serves as the starting point for our discussion so when we do speak I can hopefully have a head start on your search.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to working with you.

Muskoka 365 Property Information Sheet

   Please complete the following information as best you can.  
   This is for initial information only.  
   Once submitted, please allow 36 hours for someone to contact you.

 Property type:

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Island or Mainland:

Number of bedrooms:

Water Depth & Beach Area:

Sun Exposure:

Multiple Buildings:



 Desired lake(s):


 Lakes not acceptable:

Construction quality:

Ownership desire:

Things I must have in a property:

Things I don't want in a property:

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